About Mannarkkad

Mannarkkad is a town in the district of Palakkad in Kerala. Earlier, Mannarkkad was called as Mannarghat. The town is located 40 Kms to the northeast of Palakkad which is the district headquarters on the foothills of Western Ghats. National Highway 213 passes through the town. Mannarkkad taluk’s headquarters is Mannarkkad town. It is the largest revenue taluk of Kerala and the taluk office’s Revenue department is fully computerized and becomes the first Government office of India without paper. 

About Mannarkad

A Brief History of Mannarkkad

The actual name of the place is ‘mannar kaadu’ i.e. Mannar means rulers or masters and the word Kaadu means forest. This region was ruled by Nair Veedu of Mannarkkad who were called by Adivasis as Mannar and the place attappadi which is a rain forest where the adivasis lived was called as Kaadu. Since attappadi was controlled by Nair Veedu of Mannarkkad, the place got its name as Mannarkkad.

The town was invaded by Tipu Sultan and has also seen the Mopila riot. In the year 1921, several people lost their lives. Mannarkkad’s former ruler was called as ‘Mannarkkadu Muppil Nair’. Malayatoor Ramakrishnan’s popular novel ‘Ponni’ is based on Mannarkkad’s Adivasis. 

Geography of Mannarkkad

Mannarkkad is situated at 10.98o N 76.47o E. It has an elevation of 76 m (249 ft). 

Climate of Mannarkkad

Just like any other towns and cities of Kerala, Mannarkkad experiences tropical climate. It experiences significant rainfall throughout the year and short dry season prevails here. Koppen and Geiger have classified the climate as Am. The annual average temperature is 27.7oC in Mannarkkad and annual average rainfall is 2553 mm.

Administration of Mannarkkad

Mannarkkad is governed by a Municipality. 

Business and Economy in Mannarkkad

Predominant occupation of the people of Mannarkkad is agriculture. The main agricultural products produced here are coconut, natural rubber, areca nut, plantain, banana, nutmeg, rice and pepper. Other major occupation of the people of Mannarkkad is trade. 

Tourism in Mannarkkad

The major tourists’ attractions of Mannarkkad are as follows:

Silent Valley

It is a tropical evergreen rain forest which comes with unbroken evolutionary of 50 million years. The plateau is surrounded by steep escarpments as well as ridges which make it unspoilt by man and its biodiversity is preserved. The valley is rich in flora and fauna and no wonder that it is called as ‘the richest expression of life on Earth’. This place is ideal for trekking.


It is situated 38 Kms away from Mannarkkad. The place comes with hilly highland terrain which is fed by River Cauvery’s tributaries. There are also several rivulets of River Bhavani found here. This place is occupied by tribes as well as settlers from Tamil Nadu. 

Kanjirapuzha Dam

This dam is constructed across River Siruvani which is some 80 Kms away from Palakkad. From Mannarkkad, it is some 13 Kms away.

Siruvani Dam

This dam is situated some 46 Kms to the north of Mannarkkad. It is home to tribes of Mudugars as well as Irulars. Reserve forests surround the dam and it offers breathtaking views. On the eastern side of the dam, the tourists will find the Muthikulam hills. There is also a natural waterfall found in the hill. 


It is a beautiful waterfalls situated at Edathanattukara which is 8 Kms away from Kottappalla town. The ideal time to visit the waterfalls is between June and September. 


This waterfalls lies on Palakkad – Mannarkkad route and is 8 Kms away from Thuppanad junction. The length of the waterfalls is 20 to 25 ft and depth is 15 to 20 ft. The waterfalls consist of 10 steps out of which 8 steps are located in the dense forest of the upper hills and inaccessible. Only two steps of the waterfalls are accessible. However, the 10 step waterfalls provide a visual treat to the tourists.

Jain Temple

This temple is situated on the Palakkad town’s western suburb. It is believed that this temple was built some 500 years ago. This temple is made of granite stones with a length of 32 ft and a width of 20 ft. 

Jain Temple 

This temple was built in the year 1766 by Hyder Ali. It is situated in the centre of the town. 

Panamkurussikavu Pooram

This festival is celebrated in the Panamkurussikavu temple and is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavati. The festival is celebrated for eight days during the Meenam month of Malayalam Calendar (March-April). During the festival, several folk arts such as Thayampaka Melam as well as Kathakali, the classical dance are performed. Pilgrims throng this temple during this festival. The festival concludes on the eighth day with a holy dip in adjacent river.  

How to Reach Mannarkkad

Mannarkkad is well connected by road to other major cities of Kerala. National Highway 213 which connects Palakkad with Kozhikode passes through Mannarkkad. Mannarkkad does not have a railway station and the nearest railway station is Palakkad railway junction which is some 32 Kms away. The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport which is situated some 60 Kms away. From the railway station and airport, the tourists can take KSRTC buses or private buses or hire a taxi to reach Mannarkkad.

Quick Facts about Mannarkkad

Government – Municipal Office
Population as per the 2011 census- 34,839
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number – 678 582
STD Code - 04924
Official Languages – Malayalam, English, Kannada, Tulu, Tamil, Badaga, Hindi and Tribal language

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